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There's more ways to learn than ever before. We're overloaded with information and have less time to consume it, and so we naturally gravitate to the style of learning that is most effective for our individual needs. We’ve put together this quick quiz to get you thinking about your naturally learning style and what works best for you.

What do your customers want? A new online course from Adaptation Projects

Whatever your product or service is, you have customers who are buying it. But it might surprise you to hear that some of those customers are buying from you because they haven't found a better alternative. You're not solving their problem entirely but they either can't be bothered looking elsewhere or they don't even realise they're missing out... until a better option comes their way.

The 3 Phases of Strategy Building

Creating a strategy can be as complicated or as simple as you want to make it. As long as you find a way to match the needs of a group of people with the product or service you’ve developed, then you’re off to a great start.  And to be able to do that, there will naturally be three phases that you follow.