Want to be a strategic thinker?


Have you ever wondered how other businesses come up with so many great ideas for their blog and social media content? And how they know who to promote to, where and how?

Those businesses have a marketing strategy, and here's how you can get one too.

It's time to get your hands dirty!

Practical online tutorials, tools and templates for you to apply on the job; helping you develop as a strategic thinker and doer.


The Strategy Canvas

The Strategy Canvas is your central place to gather the important insights and opportunities that will inform your marketing. Turning your vision into reality starts here.

Team Connection

Since the Strategy Canvas is all about putting people at the heart of what you do, what better place to start than the captive audience right in front of you: your team! Here's how to engage, listen and mine for awesome insights from within.

Vision and Mission

It's easy to get a vision and a mission mixed up and to over engineer what should be simple inspiring statements that are easily understood by everyone.

"Amy was an inspiration to work with, a highly strategic, dynamic thinker."- Greg CahillKey Account Manager, Bausch + Lomb UK

What is Strategy?

Strategy is one of the most over-used words in business and yet its true value is often misunderstood.

"Amy is an outstanding strategist and a one-person ideas machine." - Pete SmithCo-Founder, Silicon Milkroundabout

What is Good Strategy?

Simply having a strategy isn't enough. To have a good one that is useful and meaningful takes a key ingredient.

"Amy has the unique ability to be able to consistently create and manage strategic marketing, social media and website content which is grounded in research fact." - Kevin CheesemanFounder, Buy Pure

Who is Strategy for?

Strategy isn't necessarily for everyone. Is it right for you?

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