About Us

Adaptation Projects is a collective of freelance and in-house strategists from diverse industries, disciplines and geographies, brought together by Marketing Strategist, Amy Wilkinson.

Our purpose is to help aspiring marketers to develop a more strategic approach to their craft so that they can run their marketing activity with confidence and enjoy the creative process.

Our Services


  • Marketing strategy design and implementation
  • Market research
  • Sales and marketing presentations (storytelling and copywriting)
  • Content marketing (planning, creative development, copywriting)
  • Workshop facilitation (brainstorming, team meetings)
  • Mentoring (marketers, freelancers, business owners)
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Amy Wilkinson | Strategy Maker

Amy recently returned to Australia after a 10 year stint in London where she worked in UK and European roles before going freelance. She has spent most of her career in healthcare and pharma because there's nothing quite like the challenge of getting innovative marketing through legal and regulatory approvals. Amy is focussed on giving small and medium size businesses access to top quality professionals through remote working.


Tanya Menz | Business Analyst

Tanya has extensive experience in creating, analysing and improving business models and leading businesses to more profitable outcomes. She has a background in pharma and not-for-profits (housing).


Melinda Ly | Presentation Designer

Melinda provides a range of presentation services including strategic communication, audience experience, creative, and consultation through her business, Visual Impact Presentations

She has worked with Melbourne Airport, Red Cross, Google, Ford, Viva Energy, David Jones, Melbourne University Law School, BP, Castrol, Sanofi, Repco, New Chambers, and many SMEs.


Daniela Lanz | Product Specialist

Daniela started her marketing career in her home country of Venezuela before continuing to hone her product development, project and campaign management skills in the UK in pharma, medical devices and consumer goods. 


Greg has a deep knowledge of strategy formation, project and change management. An intentional leader with a positive disruption mindset and a passion for sales/supply chain excellence, driving for clarity through strong vision mapping and achievement.

Greg has an Ophthalmic dispensing degree in addition to management and training qualifications giving him strong expertise in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector. He is a strong presenter and a GAP trained negotiator. To keep focused he competes in long distance triathlons, travelling the globe with Team Cahill.

“As a freelance Growth Strategist who has worked with an array of diverse client teams: from boutique real estate agents through to Global pharmaceutical companies; one thing has consistently caught my attention: there are always at least one or two staff members who have ‘found’ themselves doing a marketing role.

Whether you were born to marketing or feel a little confused about the purpose of your role, it’s common to take a more tactical, ‘winging it’ approach to marketing, rather than a strategic, decisive, informed approach. Mostly because you never got the opportunity to learn how to be strategic. 

So I’m coming at this situation from two angles: to help those ‘accidental marketers’ to be more strategic; and to share my experiences and learnings of being the contractor with other freelancers at all stages of their independent journey.

I’m here to learn too. No matter what your experience, if you can relate, I’d love to hear from you.”
— Amy Wilkinson, Strategy Consultant