Craft your sales story like a doctor

I heard this great analogy in an interview with Dom Cappuccilli on the Change Creator podcast recently...

Imagine yourself as a doctor treating a patient when preparing your sales story. Your message becomes more powerful by keeping it focused on the audience and their problem for up to 90% of the conversation, leaving your product until last.

Here's an example of applying the approach to selling a bike share scheme:

1. Identify patient symptoms


I get stuck in traffic and am always late for work.

2. Diagnose the ailment


There are too many cars on the road.

3. Treatment to solve the root cause


By using a bike share scheme to ride to work, you not only avoid the traffic by taking the bike paths but also get to work energised instead of stressed.

4. Directions for use


How your particular solution / brand has worked for another customer in a similar situation.


Hear the whole interview on the Change Creator website

Amy WilkinsonComment