Simple Gestures

This is such a lovely idea to start conversations. Cafe regular, Pat Lane came up with a simple, sweet little note card that cafe customers can leave on their table to signal to others that they would like to have a chat. See the video here.

Source:  ABC News

Source: ABC News

Have you thought of any “simple gestures” that would help you to connect with your customers?

I was thinking about producing a little notebook to leave with prospective clients containing tips and reminders to making strategy central to how you run your day to day business. Something along the lines of “how to work on your business as well as in your business.” I think it would be nice to receive a useful gift instead of the usual business card or sales leaflet that just ends up in the bin.

A number of Simple Gestures are a great way to differentiate your business and show a more human side and develop better relationships or connections with your customers by making them feel valued. The key is for it to feel genuine and for it to really come from the heart. Rather than thinking “what would get my customers to buy more?”, trying thinking about “what would brighten my customers day?”