Are you having trouble describing your product or service? Try this.

Product packaging is notoriously difficult to get right because of its limitations. Everything that needs to be said has to fit on the front of a very small pack which means the copy needs to be punchy, enticing and easy to understand.

I love working within constraints (think instagram squares or 140 character tweets) because it demands creativity and simplicity to stand out while playing within the rules.

So I took inspiration from household products and created the Features and Benefits tool which will help you describe your product or service, within the boundaries of a product pack!

Take a look at the examples on the right from Pantene, Thankyou and Banana Boat, and think about how you might describe your offer as a product name, with features and benefits, limited to the space on the front of a product pack.

A big part of creating a product or service is being able to articulate what it is and why someone should use it, buy it, love it. Big brands make it seem so easy but when you’re doing it for your own business, it can be excruciatingly difficult! Even worse is marketing a service - something that is intangible. It can be super tough to describe it in a clear and simple way.

Probably if you had to come up with a pitch for someone else’s product it would be a lot easier. But this product is personal to you, it’s your baby and it’s too easy to get bogged down trying to get it perfect, cover all the bases, and then of course there’s imposter syndrome. 🙈 It would be easier to ask someone else to do it for you but you don’t have the luxury to bring in a big branding agency to conjure up the perfect words.

So are you having trouble describing what your service or product does?

Then try the new Features + Benefits tool. If your words don’t fit comfortably within the size restrictions of a product pack then there’s dead weight. You need to edit! 

Time needed = 15 minutes. Make sure you stick to the short time slot, trusting your first instincts. Too much time allows us to overthink and start to doubt what we’ve created. Once done, leave it for a day and then review again to see if it sticks.

Check out this quick video where I step you through how to use the tool with a real example.

Give it a try and I’d love to hear how it helped you. Share with #ideastoaction on Instagram if you’d like my feedback or have a question 😊