How Brands Try to Stop us Unsubscribing

It's common to be subscribed to 10's if not 100's of email lists, with every brand vying for attention. Here's how some brands try to entice you back after you press the unsubscribe button, remove their browser extensions or abandon a shopping cart.

If you see any examples you think belong on the list because they are creative, unique or even a bit ridiculous, email me a screenshot.

Reduce the frequency or take a break for a week or two:


Offer to reduce the frequency, in this case, once per month:


Using humour and offering to reduce the frequency or take a break for a while:


Adding a personal touch from someone instrumental in the software's development:


Providing the ability to receive a set number of future emails. Perhaps this is useful if the communication has a finite use, eg if babysitting is only required while abroad on holiday: