Hats Off to You

Last year I remember saying on International Women’s Day that the fact we need a day to recognise 50% of the world’s population is at once desperately sad and on the other hand… well it really is sad.

On the other hand it’s a great excuse to give thought to the brilliant women out there who have enabled women like me to sit here and even contemplate taking my business to the next level. And what’s more, writing about it.

So, I’m using this day to acknowledge and thank all the women who have come before me. Whether it’s for running their own business; going to public rallies; breaking through the glass ceiling; working 2 jobs to raise kids alone; having the guts to challenge a misogynistic comment; or a million other things that women do every day. And let’s also not forget all those family, friends and partners, male or female who have in some way given support and encouragement to those women.

We can’t continue to move forward if women have to work at it alone. Women and men need to get with the program.

So I thought today I would share the original scribbles I did about 4 weeks ago as I got more and more excited about fusing together two concepts that are close to my heart…

To change the work “habit” by embracing:

  • Flexibility
  • Remote working
  • Self employment

And in doing so, enable…

  • Parents to work around their kids rather than raise their kids around their work commitments.
  • Mothers the ability to take maternity leave in their stride without fear of losing their place on the career ladder; being rejected for a part time position on their return; or having to make a choice between the parents they want to be and a career.

The very personal challenge I’ve given myself (and am now sharing on the most public of forums) is to enable other people to experience the freedom of those two concepts; and for corporate clients to be able to access the deep knowledge that is out there. The knowledge, creativity and skills that is often laying idle because: you’re stuck in a traditional 9 to 5 job to pay the bills; you’re not working because you can’t find a job that fits around your kids; or you’re doing a job that doesn’t match your skill set because that’s the only job that will allow you to work around your kids.

This is my vision. Let’s see how we can sort out the mess below into something worthwhile.