My Own Posts Bore Me to Tears

And why I'm not beating myself up about it.

Sometimes our output doesn't entirely match up to our expectations. Let's try to be a little less harsh on ourselves and have faith in our voice.

What’s not working:

  • Not being able to ditch the corporate language that was drilled into me during some years in a traditional global company.
  • Knowing that the only way to figure out how to write in a voice that is genuinely mine, will only come from writing a lot more crap that does not sound like me at all.
  • Sitting on a bunch of original thoughts and ideas (yes my very own) that I’m too worried to throw out there in case…what? They don’t stick? They don’t make sense? They’re not right.
  • Reading other people’s posts on Medium and realising that I’m following a common formula that wouldn’t necessarily interest me, let alone inspire me to clap or comment.
  • Witnessing a trend of mediocrity where many (business) bloggers say the same thing in slightly different ways without an ounce of original thought and no attempt at challenging safe and accepted norms.

What scares me:

  • No one reading my stuff.
  • People reading my stuff.
  • Not writing enough stuff to get better at it.

What keeps me going:

  • Knowing that I can string some words together. Quite well. And that new skills are learned and this one is one I really yearn to get better at.
  • Throwing in a word like ‘yearn’ as if we’re still in the 1800s.
  • Believing that my ideas will resonate with others in the online world as they have seemed to in the real world but that more exposure means more chance of making an actual difference.
  • The idea of working collaboratively with others instead of being hamstrung by the habit of needing to figure out the answers all by myself.
  • The belief that more women with opinions and ideas need to share said opinions and ideas without being so frigging hung up about it.

Yep, aaaand…Publish.