Things I've Learned About Freelancing This Week

1. Repeat repeat repeat and eventually it will come together

I remember when I was launching the first new product for an employer after a 6 year innovation drought. It was new, sparkly and everyone wanted a piece of it. It was my first European-wide launch, working hand in hand with the US headquarters. I wrote a presentation taking the best bits of R&D, marketing, sales, finance etc to tell a story to get the troops inspired to sell the shit out of it. I can’t even remember the number of times I had to tell that story. To sales teams, marketing managers, business unit heads, project teams, over and over again. Each time I had to remind myself that it was the first time my audience had ever heard it so I had to keep telling it as if it was for the first time.

The difference with this new business model is that I don’t have the story start to finish yet. So on the flip side I have huge natural passion every time I talk about it because I find it so bloody exciting, but I don’t have the right story. I keep over complicating what is a very simple concept. The only way that’s going to change is if I keep telling it and start asking people to explain it back to me to see how they interpret it and what words they use.

2. Never leave the house without coffee

This week my toddler was sick with a cold which threw the whole house into turmoil. It’s bad enough that the kid’s favourite word is ‘No’ and she’s becoming increasingly adept at the art of manipulation by cuteness (since birth). But the new addition of the outright refusal to go to bed, inconsolable 2am temper tantrums and 5am starts have taken their toll by Friday. Even now after a Charlie Chaplin-esque comedy of errors this morning getting her to the “Mecca” (childcare) I finally sit down at my laptop to hear the oh-so-soothing sounds of builders next door, shouting to each other over blaring classic rock whilst hammering in no particular rhythm.

There is effectively nothing you can do when you’ve run out of time except do what you can and then crack on at toddler’s next nap.