Design Thinking for Ambitious Businesses

Design Thinking for Ambitious Businesses


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Spending more time working in your business than on your business?

Lacking the resources, structure or inspiration to develop your growth strategy?

Join a small group of like minded business leaders, to learn the art of Design Thinking: a process to help you solve strategic challenges creatively to grow your business into the one you’re dreaming of.

What will be covered?

  • How to use empathy to gain a deep understanding of your stakeholders for informed and confident strategic decision making.

  • How to work creatively within the constraints that currently hinder your growth strategy.

  • How to take your team with you on a path of discovery, ideation and prototyping to achieve true innovation.

  • Share experiences and learnings with an entrepreneurial business community.

Who is this Workshop for?

Growing a business involves solving many problems and challenges. Often it can be difficult to come to a clear decision on a way forward, especially when that decision could effect the overall strategic direction of your business. Sometimes the lack of decision making can be paralysing, affecting business growth and team cohesion. This workshop is for any business leader who aspires to design a business that delivers real customer value to realise its full market potential.

What is Human-centered Design (or Design Thinking)?

Human-centered Design is a set of tools and processes that can be used to creatively solve any problem. It was first developed in the context of designing products with the user's needs in mind (think ergonomic chairs for people with back problems).

Design Thinking is so effective it's now used more widely beyond traditional product design. Design principles can be applied to systems, procedures, protocols, and customer experiences. Design is transforming the way leading companies create value.

At Adaptation Projects we use it to design business and marketing strategies around real customer and staff needs. We know you'll find it empowering and even fun and exciting. Human-centered Design is a lifelong skill you'll start applying to every problem as second nature, so great is it's application.

What's covered in this Workshop?

In this workshop we teach you how to adopt a Design Thinking mindset to make well-informed decisions quickly and confidently. Come prepared to work hard, share your experiences, collaborate with others in similar situations, and leave with a clear set of guiding principles to apply to your greatest strategic challenges.

About your Facilitator:

Amy Wilkinson is the principal Strategy Designer at Adaptation Projects. She develops marketing and business strategies for national and global clients using empathetic design principles, or Human-Centered Design. Amy has vast experience in developing, launching and marketing brands in Australia, the UK and Europe, working with family-owned through to global corporates in a range of industries from healthcare, pharma, professional services, startups and membership.

About your Host:

PIER Marketing is your full-service marketing agency. We're here to deliver engaging, hardworking campaigns underpinned by strategic marketing every time. Whether you are a business owner, business leader or marketing professional we support you to build your business.

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