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11 signs it’s time your business reconnected with your customers

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Having trouble describing your product or service?

A big part of creating a product or service is being able to articulate what it is and why someone should use it, buy it, love it.

We’ve developed a tool to help you do just that.

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Hi, I’m Amy.

I help marketers and heads of business understand their customers' minds, to win their hearts. 

To create a truly customer-centric marketing strategy, it all begins with asking and listening to your customers, staff and external partners. From this you can uncover powerful insights into where the real pain points and opportunities lie. We then ideate, quickly develop and test activities that address those insights, gradually evolving and improving towards a strong, long term vision.

This process is called design thinking and it is an incredibly effective way to really get to know your ideal audience so that you can create content and experiences that resonate with them.

If you’d like to know more about how the process works and if I can help your business, I’d love to hear from you.

Amy is an outstanding strategist and a one-person ideas machine.
— Pete Smith, Silicon Milkroundabout
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need it done for you?

I can develop your human-centric business strategy using the design thinking process.

In-house, remote, or agency-side.


want to do it yourself?

I can teach you how to use the design thinking process to optimise your business strategy.

Online learning and face-to-face workshops.


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…and a genuine enthusiasm and passion to make any project as great as it can be.


How I work


The strategy design process has five key stages - empathise, define, ideate, prototype and test - which are repeated in a continuous cycle of innovation. I will lead the entire process for your team, or tackle one or two individual stages on your behalf, for example, running in-depth interviews with stakeholders at the Empathy stage.


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What is design thinking?

Design thinking, or human-centered design, is a process by which a new product - or in this context a marketing strategy - is conceived and designed with the end user at its core. By really getting to know the user, such as their needs, wants, perceptions and lifestyle, you can turn real problems into innovative solutions, unique to your brand.

Credit:  Tim Brown, IDEO

This process is particularly relevant when a business tends to think from the inside out. That is, the internal culture encourages individuals and teams to think from the perspective of “what do we have and who can we sell it to?” instead of “what is needed and how can we deliver it?” This kind of culture is seen in many businesses, big and small.

Design thinking encourages an outside in approach which is much more empathetic to those you’re serving; and as a result more profitable to your business.

By following five broad steps of Empathise (with the end user), Define (the problem or challenge), Ideate (the solution), Prototype (make a basic version of the solution) and Test, then repeating several or all of those steps, the output becomes ever more refined and therefore Desirable (to the end user), Viable (for your company) and Feasible (in execution).




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The skill I value the most is Amy’s ability to distil the essence out of any situation or launch, making complex cases simple and thereby possible to execute effectively.
— Sabine Remling, Bausch + Lomb EMEA
Amy brought professionalism and new energy to the business at a time when we were pushed for resources and needed some fresh thinking.
— Sally Walton, Prestige Brands UK

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