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Maybe you...

  • Know what you want to say, but not sure how to say it

  • Are sick of looking at your slides and need a fresh perspective

  • Have got the content but the layout is letting you down

  • Have finished your slides but they need some editing and polishing

  • Just don't have time.


WE’ve got you covered



Is your presentation just one part of a larger plan to promote your business?

We can help structure your ideas into a one page plan using the Marketing Strategy Canvas, a powerful tool that enables you to summarise your strategy in a succinct and simple way, ready to communicate with your team, your agencies and external partners.

If you want to go one step further, we can apply the design thinking process to create a truly customer-centric strategy.


You know when you've been working so hard on a project you’ve lost your objectivity? 

We put ourselves in your audience's shoes, giving your presentation context and take them on a journey.

From copywriting and editing, to structuring your story for impact.


You may have written the best pitch of your life but as soon as you put up those Powerpoint slides, you've lost your audience. They've stopped listening to you because they're squinting at War & Peace in 10 point font, or trying to figure out what a picture of a dog has got to do with anything.

Our presentation designs are things of beauty that reinforce your story, not distract from it.


you’re in good hands

Here’s a selection of our work with client details protected.


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Amy Wilkinson
Marketing Strategist

I've lost count how many presentations I've written for myself and my clients over the last 15+ years but it's a lot. I've also witnessed a lot of total fails on stage (and certainly had a few of my own too). The fails always come down to two things: lack of preparation and lack of confidence in the message you’re presenting. When you have a solid message that you truly believe in, everything else falls into place. The great thing about getting outside help on your presentation is receiving an unbiased, fresh perspective, crafting a message that’s memorable for the right reasons.  To be as best prepared as possible, we can also support you in laying out your business’s critical path to success, using the one page Strategy Canvas, developed from my extensive marketing experience in Europe, the UK and Australia.

Amy is an outstanding strategist and a one-person ideas machine.
— Pete Smith, Co-Founder at Silicon Milkroundabout
Amy was an inspiration to work with, a highly strategic, dynamic thinker.
— Greg Cahill, Key Account Manager at Bausch + Lomb UK

Melinda LY



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We’re based in Melbourne and the majority of the time work remotely with clients. Technology is our friend. If it’s not yours, that’s ok. We’ve honed a super simple process to make working with us as easy and intuitive as possible. We’re here to make your life easier and to get your presentation in ship-shape condition.

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